Long-Term Care

When looking into the future of you and your family, sometimes it can be confusing or even frightening to consider what will happen after a certain age or limitation is met. Long-term care needs can be brought on or expedited by illness or injury but is also part of the typical ageing process.


Long-term care can be provided by a nursing home, assisted living facility, independent living facility, or even at home care. When looking at how you will provide for long-term care, it is important to review and consider all the available options which may include:

•  Total Coverage Needs

•  Amount of benefit needed

•  How long coverage will last

•  Protecting from today's fluctuating economy

•  Benefit allotment

While the cost of long term nursing home care varies from location to location, it is safe to assume that the cost today could easily run between $70,000 to over $100,000 per year.  Even the wealthiest of families are going to feel the impact of that type of cost.


Contact Peter Jundt to start planning for you and your family's future.  Representing some of the best known and well respected carriers in the industry, he helps customers assess their risk and create a plan that can make the difference between being able to pay for care and bankrupting their families.  Despite the almost incredible cost of care, Long-Term Care insurance is surprisingly affordable and customizable to your needs and budget.





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