Most American's look forward to Retirement. You've worked hard your whole life and now you want to make the most of your retirement. Helping you to have the necessary resources in place to live out your retirement and to protect what you've worked so hard for requires planning into the unknown.


Peter Jundt is skilled at helping you navigate through your options and determining which Annuity Products may best suit you.  These types of products can help you with tax deferment and other optional "living" benefits.


Basic information about annuity products Peter offers includes:

• Fixed Annuities that pays you a fixed rate of return over a specified period of time (best suited for those looking at tax deferment and growth on their investment, those that want a fixed rate where they can know precisely how much money they are earning, and those that want minimum guarantees)


• Fixed Index Annuities that have guaranteed annual interest rates and potential earnings that are linked to the growth index. These are also suited for those looking for tax deferment and growth on their investment, but may want a minimum interest rate guarantee while benefiting from rising marketings without being exposed to downside risks.


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