Supplemental Insurance

As many know, Major Medical Insurance doesn't cover everything and has several limitations that may not be suitable for you and your family. Peter is skilled at looking at a family or individual's personal situation and determining if there are any gaps in their Health Insurance policy that may need to be handled by a supplemental plan.


Putting the pieces together to make sure that your family is protected under circumstances particular to you and your individual lifestyles. A major purpose of supplemental plans is to protect your liquid assets in a time of crisis...that is to minimize your expenses through extended coverage.


Contact, Peter to further discuss the needs of you and your family and how to put together all the pieces to your protection plan.


These are “defined benefit” plans which typically provide cash benefits (usually tax free) in the case of a covered loss.  These plans often offer coverage for many needs, including:



Supplemental plans provide cash benefits to the plan holder in the case of a loss which can be used for any purpose, often providing a lifeline when unexpected medical situations arise.


Whether making up for lost income, or helping pay for medical deductibles, Supplemental plans are critical to creating a comprehensive protection package.


• Hospitalization

•  Accidents

•  Critical Illnesses

 • Cancer

•  Heart Attacks

•  Strokes

•  Short Term Disability

•  Vision

•  Dental


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